L believe that NATO will evolve more into a coalition of the willing, and Germany, Hungary, and Turkey do not belong in that category. Washington doesn't want to admit it, but now Germany is drifting towards nonalignment. Scholz's dislike of NATO is widely shared.in Germany, as is his anti-Americanism. There is also a lot of commonality in the German and Russian embrace of political apathy and isolationist self-interest.

We should actually accomodate the Germans and begin a process of defensive military disengagement from them. In the future, we should exclude them from the decision-making process related to anything important. Germany should even consider membership in CSTO; Then Scholz and his successors can openly take orders from Putin without having to pretend not to.

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Sad to us that Germany and Europe gave Putin the opening to do this with their energy and environmental policies. In our latest piece, we showed some examples of how this is effecting the developing world. The Sri Lanka and Pakistan examples are eye opening.


(We also noted Scholz's wacky "Canada-Germany Hydrogen Alliance" plan).

6.5 billion of the world's least well off lacking sufficient food and primary energy are not a recipe for global stability.

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Germany has been the 2nd largest provider of aid to Ukraine after the US.

How on earth do you come up with the idea that France, Britain and Italy have been "far more willing to back Ukraine than Germany"?!?

The rest of the piece is of similar "quality"...

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