Very powerful analysis. One thing that could be tried would be a peace initiative with the following items:

* Freeing all hostages

* Hamas accept to be dismantled

* Ceasefire

* transfer of all Hamas prisoners currently detained on Israel to the ICC (or an equivalent international body)

* ICC must review every previous conviction and handle the prosecution of every prisoner not yet convicted.

* People not convicted by the ICC or to a shorter term than in Israel are generously compensated by Israel (150 $ per extra prison day)

* Free access to Gaza by the ICC to investigate and prosecute war crimes related to 7 October events

* Gaza strip is administered under the Vienna 4 policemen system

* Every month the country in charge change

* I propose EU / Egypt / Brazil / Kenya, but you can have one very bad guy in the mix (China ?) like USSR in Austria

- Free movement of people and goods with Egypt, guaranteed (Egypt would ratify some kind of extension to the ICC in order to be complied to arrest and hand to the ICC any war criminal)

- Free movement of goods with Israel, guaranteed

- heavy subsidisation of Gaza strip infrastructure development

Hamas would never accept but at least anyone who promote such a plan gain the moral high ground

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A comprehensive and sensible solution. If only...

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Excellent analysis of a complex matter.

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